The mission for the Faith, Hope and Love Children’s Home is to provide a suitable environment for at-risk children and youth in this country, including: Providing shelter, health, education, family, and the opportunity to live with dignity, preparing them for the future, sheltered under the grace of God.


Be an institution recognized nationally for its holistic upbringing and care for at-risk children and youth, built on ethical values, the solidarity and faith in God, our Lord.


Asociacion Integral Fe Esperanza Y Amor The Faith, Hope and Love Children’s Home is a non-profit organization founded on December 31, 1998 by a group of people with the hopes of giving back to Honduran society by providing social and humanitarian help to abandoned children. One of its founders is the present president of its Board of Directors, Mr. Isaac Bonilla. Light and Love Home (LLH) first came to collaborate with the Faith, Hope and Love Children’s Home in 2011. After a few years of working together, we share the same objectives and mission and now also share our resources to support the home and its programs. Now LLH and the Faith, Hope and Love Children's Home work as one team, one organization.